Links for Computers’ works.

Please, In the commentaries box you have to leave the links to your drive, prezi, and blog.

Do not forget write your name, surname and group.

Thanks a lot.


62 Responses to Links for Computers’ works.

  1. heleeeen8 dice:

    Elena Meléndez Carreto, 3ºA

    -In this post I have left all my links to my box and prezi pages.

    -This is my link to my drive account.

  2. Hi,
    I have in my blog all the othe links,my blog:


  3. Angel Marquez Rubio

  4. hi, I’m Angel Benitez from 3º E.S.O A.
    here is the link of my blog where I have uploaded some screenshots of my box and my drive and the prezi.

  5. gacachasi dice:

    Gabriel S. Cachadiña 3B



    In the box work sometimes appear random capital letters and maybie some fotos will not work, I tryed my best and i hope that all the data is ok

  6. saezmarinantonio dice:

    From Antonio Sáez Marín, 3B
    There you have my links. Sorry for being so late… Enjoy them!



    Writer (in Box):

    Thank you very much for your attention.

  7. ferdinand1969 dice:

    Good reference to know your name….


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