This is the process we have to follow in order to give me your presentations:

1.- Upload your presentation to the webpage of

2.- Copy the URL which is generated after the uploading process.

3.- Insert in the commentary section of this post and paste your URL with your data.

The limit date to do it is next Sunday at 00:00


If there is any doubt, please ask me.






  1. This presentation has been made by María Alejo Hernández and María García Bermejo from 3ºA.
    Electric power plants.rtf View more presentations from Tema2717

  2. Power point de Irene López y Laura Aparicio. 3º A

  3. danfmar1 dice:

    Fernando, I am Daniel Fernández Martínez from 3ºA.
    My classmate is Miguel Haro Ruiz.
    Here is the URL with the presentation:

  4. danfmar1 dice:

    Fernando, I´m Daniel Fernández again, I noticed that I made a mistake in the presentation that I sent before, tomorrow I will send the correct one, sorry.

  5. Manuel Alejo dice:
    Hello,here is our presentation, we are Alicia Llera and Manuel Alejo from 3ºA

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      The presentation does not fulfill all the requirements. Moreover, not very much information has been included, apart from some mistakes. It could be much better. But thanks for your work.

  6. danfmar1 dice:

    Fernando, We are Daniel Fernández Martínez and Miguel Haro Ruiz, from 3ºA. This is the new presentation.
    Here is the URL with the presentation, thanks:

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Very good job. The presentation is very clear and satisfies all the requierments. Beware with some formal mistakes. Congratulations both of you.

  7. Don Fernando,aqui le dejo el link con la presentación de Paola Caro y de Javier Borrallo.
    Un saludo javier

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Thank you for your work. The presentation meets the requirements needed althoug the information included could be more complete. Anyway, good job.

  8. Presentación de Alejandro Luengo Mangas y Pablo Bernaldez Municio , alumnos de 3ºA

  9. jarroyo1997 dice:

    Here is the presentation from Amanda Jorge and Juan arroyo:

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Well, the presentation is ok, but it includes some spelling mistakes and the information provided is not too complete. A part from this, ok.

  10. HI, here is the presentation of Ines Garcia and Alvaro dominguez

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      well done, The presentation is very accurate and the information is well showed. You both have done a good work. Thanks.

  11. Hello, this is the presentation of Alberto Giménez and María Megías.

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Ok, You have achieved a good work. The information is accurate although some knowledge has been omitted. In any case, good job. Thanks.

  12. ramnbp dice:

    Hi fernando we are Ramón Barrabés and Adrián Mendoza sorry for upload now i was trying to upload yesterday but there was an error sorry but there is the link

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Well, the job is ok and you have displayed the content in good way. The approaching to the knowledge is accurate, but I am afraid that you have not taken into account some requirements. In short, good job.

  13. ramnbp dice:


    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      My God, a massive presentation. An staggering amount of information has been included in the presentation. Beware with copyrights and this stuff. A part from this, the work fulfilles what is needed. Good job, both of you. Thanks.

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      The presentation is in the middle of anywhere. That is, it is more a brief list of information than an accurate work related what was demanded. It there might be included more especific data. Some spelling mistakes have been made too. We will talk about all of this. Thanks.

  14. This is a presentation made by Javier Cardoso and Alberto Sachez


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