Energy Presentations 2º B

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34 Responses to Energy Presentations 2º B

    Hello Fernando these is our presentation( Marta Figueredo and Daniel Serrano) thanks for watching it and a greeting.

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Marta and Daniel, the presentation is ok, You have choosen a great quality of pictures and the text is quite accurate in realtion with the knowledge we are looking for. I miss some requirements related to power stations. A part from that, the job is good.

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Isabel and Gonzalo, The presentation practically includes the most of the information required. There are some duplicities in the information, but the rest is ok. Well done.

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Both of you, the presentation is not bad, but it includes several spelling mistakes and concordance mistakes. You have to be aware about it. Also, there are some requirements you have not fullfiled. We will talk about them.

  2. Hello, we are Eduardo Lozano and Fernando Rodríguez.
    Thank you for watching it. If you want to watch some animations, I cand send you by email.

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Very good presentation. The information is presented in good way and all of that is very clear. Well done. (I do not understand your commentary about some animations)

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Ok, I have to say that your presentation is very completed. You have included all the requirements and have showed the information in a very precise manner. Good job. Congratulations.

  3. I’m Olalla again. I post the wrong link. This is the good one. Sorry.

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Sofía and Abel, the job is good. The presentation includes all the requirements and it is clear. Some spelling mistakes. Apart from that, is ok.

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Both of you, congratulations. Very good presentation. It is very completed and very well structured. Some of the slides are difficult to read due to background colours. But it is ok.

  4. This is the presentation of Mónica García and Jaime Murillo.
    We hope you enjoy it.

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Yes, I have enjoyed it, but there are some spelling mistakes and erros in the way the information is showed. In any case, the job is good.

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Ok, there are some requirements not fullfiled. You have omitted some of the needed information. Also some spelling mistakes. General speaking, the job is ok. Thanks.

  5. Presentacion de Pilar González y Claudia Vinuesa:

    Las fotos que hemos insertado en la última diapositiva no se ven, hemos subido varias veces la presentación pero sigue igual.
    Un saludo.

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Some problems, for example the reading is difficult due to background colours. Some paragraphs have a very, very, very good level of English…. Well, we will talk about this.

  6. Somos Ángela Suárez y Lucia Aranda te mandamos la presentacion otra vez porque creo que a tenido un problema.

  7. jorge2b dice:

    After the issues with My internet connection we got all sorted now, This is Jose Miguel’s and jorge’s presentation. Sorry for the delay.

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Very good job. Both of you have worked very vell. The presentation fulfilles all the requirements and your personal opinion about the use of the wind turbines has impressed me. Well done. Congratulations.

    • ferdinand1969 dice:

      Ok, the presentation is good. It includes a lot of information. Some problems with several slides in relation with how to see all the sentences. Some requirements have been omitted. We will talk about that. Thanks.


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